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TMINC Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") helps explain our data practices, including the information we process to provide our Services.

For example, our Privacy Policy talks about what information we collect and how this affects you. It also explains the steps we take to protect your privacy.

What is TMINC ID?

TMINC Introduced a TMINC Account system, just like any other web based account, this system helps to manage users easily and is convinient to users as well. When you create TMINC Account, there is currently no password limitation, currently password length should be just greater than 0. Currently No E-Mail Verification is done, this will be added later when the password reset system is available. TMINC Saves your login info to Any TMINC Service in client side. We save the login credential in your Browser's Cookie in an unencrypted form. No need to fear, as username and password is verified each time, so cookie manipulation will not work. In future upgrades TMINC will encrypt all data in cookie.


It requires your residential address to deliver your order from respective shop. It is saved in our Database and as well as in your browser's cookie. 


TMINC Just save your login credential in your browser.


We don't collect anything in this without your will. It just collects your website details to index in TMINC SEARCH.


Where Is My Cab is a Native app so it requires some permissions to functions-

Location: To Update driver location in database and to mark your location in map.

Internet: Internet permission is required to connect to server.

In addition, driver's contact number is also asked, to show this directly to user, and user can call and SMS driver directly by just few clicks.


Your details are not stored in an encrypted form in Database, ie it is readable from eyes. It will be encrypted in future updates. Still your PHONE NUMBER and Physical Address is stored if you sign up for TMINC KRAYA, and is stored in ENCRYPTED FORM

What can we see?

We can read your Name, E-Mail, Password, Enrolled Batches, Room Data, Shop Name, Shop E-Mail, Shop Address

Your phone number and Address are end-to-end encrypted, even TMINC can't read them. All other data will be encrypted soon.